A New Year’s Wish

happy new year_verdeI heard a good quote about transparency the other day to the effect that many businesses still think “transparency” is something you put on the overhead projector and write on with a grease pencil.

Ok, I may be dating myself a bit with that one but the point is transparent, er, clear: “transparency” is an oft-used buzzword in business that probably is more spoken about and wished-for than actually implemented. We kind of know what it is and how beneficial transparency would be for efficient and collaborative business relationships, but how often is it actually present?

Seth Godin – marketing guru – has blogged that transparency increases profitability, writing, “Sunlight is an antiseptic and the marketplace rewards those that behave.” That’s because in the long run, transparency and accountability increase product and service quality, value and profits far beyond the costs of building and maintaining barriers around the truth or questionable behavior.

I’d argue that transparency is crucial for almost any business relationship, but it is essential especially in a Vested relationship because it gets progressive companies past old school ideas of secrecy, risk and one-upmanship in business relationships.

So here’s a New Year’s wish: resolve to implement transparency without the overhead projector and grease pencil.

Happy New Year!

Image: Happy new year by Amodiovalerio Verde via Flickr cc


  1. Steve Polski says:

    Couldn’t agree more. However, transparency can only be achieved through “trusted” stakeholders in a business transaction. Trust is earned and not given, so achieving transparency can only be done over time through demonstrated behavioral change.

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