Available Assessments

  • Self-Assessments

    The self-assessments include three of our popular benchmarking tools. These are open source “self-assessments,” meaning they are available to you for free.

    Learn more about our benchmarking / assessment tools.

  • Vested Deal Reviews and Certification

    While self-assessments can be a valuable resource, many companies like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re constructing relationships aimed at preventing as many of the 10 Ailments of Outsourcing as possible.

    The Vested Deal Review and Certification Program offers companies and their service providers a neutral third-party review to ensure both parties are engaged in a sound agreement.

    Learn more about our Vested Deal Reviews and Certification.

  • Compatibility and Trust Assessment

    Nothing can erode a good relationship quicker than a lack of trust. The Compatibility and Trust Assessment® (CaT) is an excellent tool to evaluate the compatibility and trust levels between a buyer and supplier.

    Learn more about our Compatibility and Trust Assessment.