The Vested Way eBook and the Power of WIIFWe

We’ve re-released The Vested Way eBook this week while making it easy—and free—to download it in various formats so you can read it however and wherever you like. The Vested Way explores how and why the “What’s in it for We” mindset is revolutionizing business relationships through anecdotes and real life success stories. You’ll learn why the Vested mindset is […]

Taking Care with OPM


It sounds like a great situation—playing with other people’s money (OPM). In gambling parlance it’s called playing with house money. However attractive that OPM sounds, it can be very risky business, even when most of the risk is shifted to the person or company with the deep pockets. There are several factors about OPM that […]

Treat Your Sherpas Right

Sherpa_Cezar Martins

The Vested Way eBook shows the power of a Sherpa when helping people climb Mt. Everest. Even when you know where you are going and have a goal clearly in mind, it’s difficult if not impossible to do it alone. In fact, a typical climb has an average of two Sherpas for every climber. Risks […]

Go for the Cooperative Advantage


In previous posts (here and here) I’ve delved into Steven Johnson’s insights on innovation in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. I’m again returning to Johnson’s outstanding book, briefly, because I was struck by an idea—“cooperative advantage”—that he addresses in his chapter on creating online platforms, specifically APIs, or application programming interfaces. […]

Outsource Planning 3Es: Experience, Essentials and Empathy

empathy_Sean MacEntee

In my previous post I talked about maturity in outsource planning and wanted to follow up with a little more color from research by CORE, Deloitte and Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management on their survey report, “The 3 Es of Effective Outsourcing Governance.” The 3Es are experience, essentials and empathy. Parties involved in […]

How “Mature” is Your Outsourcing Plan?

time to maturity_MatusBenian

I’m a fan of “maturity” assessments because they help organizations plot where they are relative to a set of criteria and other organization. While it might be frustrating that there is not “one” maturity model out there, I am ok with that as long as the goal of an organization is to improve by taking […]

100 Years and the Guns of August

WWI infantry

This month marks the 100-year anniversary of the start of the World War I – a military, political and human disaster of epic proportions that defined the twentieth century. A recent Wall Street Journalcolumn “The War that Broke a Century,”  focused on the leadership (or really the lack of leadership) aspect of WWI. For those […]

Standing on the Shoulders…

Gimyckos legacy_standing on shoulders_gimycko

Previously I posted on Stephen Johnson’s work about how innovations that are built on slow hunches, serendipity and having an attitude that embraces sliding doors that open new pathways is conducive to driving innovation. These posts brought to mind the evolution of the Vested business model itself and how it relates to a powerful quote […]

Parallel Tracks to Innovation

sliding doors movie poster_guillaumekenny

Lately I’ve been thinking about the paths taken and not taken in business and life, the choices made, and how that impacts a company’s success. Last night I was watching Sliding Doors, a 1998 movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow and John Hannah. It is light romantic comedy/fantasy fare, but there’s a cleverly conceived message inside the fluffy story. […]

Leave Space for Serendipity


In a recent post I wrote about Steven Johnson’s insights on innovation in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation. I want to narrow in on his chapter on “Serendipity.” In it, Johnson says hunches and dreams have a place in the canon of great ideas and innovation. For example, Johnson […]