European Cleaning Journal — May 2016

Longer term contracts – a new kind of relationship

Article published by an unnamed author in the UK’s European Cleaning Journal on 6 May 2016.

Excerpt: …Vitasek concludes developing an outsourcing agreement using Vested Outsourcing principles is much more than delivering a higher level of service on a given activity. “This model enables the parties to build a solid, cooperative foundation for sharing and creating value.”  It guides all stakeholders away from “the typical transaction-based mind-set while providing a clear path to
flexible, collaborative and win-win contracting”.

Julie Jackson agrees. “Vested Outsourcing helps us to move away from the pure procurement model and goes towards innovation and partnership. It encourages and enables investment in innovation, processes and technology. For example the introduction of robotics, remote machine monitoring systems etc, are very costly to implement. Providers need those long-term contracts to enable investment…”  (Julie Jackson, is OCS head of contract re-engineering.)

OCS Group is an international business focused on “delivering sustainable solutions to complex facilities management issues.”

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