Hands Down, Santa is the Top Outsourcer

We know that UPS loves logistics. At this time of the year UPA commercials stress the beauty of logistics — and don’t forget their jingle sung to the tune of “That’s Amore!”  UPSers really have to love their job! They work extended hours seven days a week to make it happen. Warehouses add seasonal workers. Stores open early and close late. Moms are frazzled just trying to manage. But hey, it’s Christmas!

And as much of a challenge the holidays present to all of us, nobody is “on the line” more than the big fella himself – good ol’ Santa. Think about it – he’s the ultimate outsource authority. I also think about how Santa’s business model and operation ties in with Vested. It takes a lot of alignment, collaboration and trust when working with elves and reindeer on a tight schedule.

He’s definitely got a clearly defined Desired Outcome: Happy Children.

But the jolly old elf couldn’t do it without his outsourced partners. He starts out by creating collaborative relationships with all those that are vested in his success, including Web sites, snail mail, Santa clones in shopping malls and television. Collectively, the world makes sure kids know Santa is listening. And then there are the parents who do the actual purchasing. And, of course, companies such as UPS just love pitching in to do their part to help out the parents.

Then there’s measurement. We’ve all seen the look on the face of the kid on Christmas morning after getting what he wanted!  It’s the happy child thing again and it’s really easy to measure.

Of course, incentives play a key role as well. But note that incentives are not only about money. For the kids, there’s the incentive to be good all year. Parents appreciate the help they get with discipline because, “Remember, Johnny, Santa is watching…and checking his list!” He even has a song about that. And he’s checking that list twice, always a good benchmarking strategy.

And for Santa?  All he wants is to be loved, keep his prestigious position, and, of course, keep his long-term contract intact. There’s something for everyone using the Vested model!

Somehow, the belief that the holidays are filled with the loving spirit of this “jolly old elf” always endures. And, perhaps, that’s where Santa fits best with Vested. It works best when folks work together, in an environment of trust and respect. Santa has that one down pat.

To sum up, Santa is the big picture guy who collaborates with the entire world for a single purpose – to make kids of all ages happy.

As far as I’m concerned, Santa’s contract can be perpetually renewed. I’m a believer.

Merry Christmas to All!

Image: Santa Claus by Theresa Huse via Flickr cc

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