Innovation: It’s Not Just “More” or “Faster”

There are many paths to innovation. But far too many think it’s about just doing “more” of something. Or doing something “faster.”

KLM understands the spirit of innovation is in thinking differently rather than trying to just improve an existing process or product.

This YouTube video shows how the customer service team is innovating when it comes to their lost and found department.

As the video shows, KLM has taken “doing whatever it takes to return your lost items” to a whole new and fun level with “Sherlock,” the lost and found dog. The video also gives us one of those “why didn’t someone think of this sooner” moments that make the art, science and process of innovation so wonderful to behold.

Rather it’s about doing things differently, such as making life’s little irritations—like leaving your smartphone on a plane and then having to somehow track it down at some distant crowded lost and found office—easier to deal with.

And with Sherlock, innovation can simply be about making you smile.

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