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Vested 5 Rules

Learn how to apply the Vested “Five Rules” to help you achieve your goals through a highly collaborative Vested business model.

The Vested Five Rules Online Courseware consists of 10 interactive, self-paced video modules designed to help build an understanding and awareness of Vested.

Taught by the Vested faculty at the University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education and authors of the Vested books, this course with help you:

~Understand each of Vested’s Five Rules, including why they are so crucial.
~Learn from real-world examples of how companies have applied each of Vested’s Five Rules
~Answer the question “Is Vested Right for Me?”
~Understand the foundational elements needed to begin your Vested journey.
~Explore the options for Creating a Vested Agreement.

Assessments, tools and other resources are included.
Total Enrollment Cost: $475.00 $175.00

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