Why is Integrity Important Only after You’re Caught?

In a recent blog I questioned some of the supplier practices of Apple. But I don’t mean to single out any one company—it’s the nature of the business that often questionable supply chain practices don’t surface unless there’s a lawsuit or, in the case of Apple, a bankruptcy filing by a supplier. It seems there […]

Do Your Sales Reps Suffer From “Deal Heat”?

The urge to close the deal and move on to the next one—no matter how disadvantageous—is a common situation that I somewhat jokingly refer to as “Deal Heat.” Basically sales reps are so hot to close a deal, perhaps after a long negotiation with a really big new client, that they don’t see the big picture. […]

Apple’s Lose-Lose deal with GT Advanced is a No-Win Situation

We all hate lose-lose games. And I am guessing Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is asking himself how his company got into its recent lose-lose situation with GT Advanced Technologies – Apple’s manufacturer of sapphire glass for phone screens and consumer electronics that filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Oct. 6. It was only a little over […]

Going “All-In” on Innovation

If you are taking a low-risk approach when it comes to innovation, you may not be doing much innovation that’s truly worthwhile. It’s an interesting take on innovation – and one that was shared in this Industry Week article, “Innovation: The High Cost of Low Risk.” The article takes the stance that “not all innovation […]

Steve Jobs, Wisdom and Outsourcing

It’s safe to say that the late Steve Jobs revolutionized computing along with the business of making, selling and shipping computers. Jobs was the mastermind behind revolutionary technology products just as the technology age we are currently living in got its start. It is almost like the old chicken and egg question because it’s difficult […]