Forbes — 24 January 2019 — Employees, Suppliers

Don’t Treat Your Employees Like Suppliers Forbes Blog article by Kate Vitasek published 24 January 2019 The war for talent is 20 years strong and has changed the way companies recruit and retain talented employees. While great strides have been made in how companies treat employees, many are still in the dark ages when it […]

APQC Knowledge Base — Sept. 2015

Consider the Best Strategic Sourcing Model for Your Business Article by Kate Vitasek publish in APQC’s Knowledge Base on 17 September 2015. Research by the University of Tennessee has found that many, if not most, of the world’s most-used sourcing strategies are incomplete for modern procurement challenges. The way we think about procurement has its […]

APQC Webinar with Kate Vitasek — August 2015

SCM Webinar August 2015: Sourcing Business Models The APQC webinar with Kate Vitasek on 27 August 2015 covered her presentation on Sourcing Business Models and the new book, Strategic Sourcing in the New Economy. The book is scheduled for publication on 27 October 2015. “The procurement playing field is no longer one of lowest cost […]

APQC — October 2012

Vesting for Success in the Real World By Kate Vitasek October 23, 2012 In a Vested procurement approach, both customers and suppliers have an interest in each other’s success. The book Vested: How P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships presents examples of how organizations are creating win-win relationships using the Vested […]

APQC SCM Community Call Webinar — October, 2012

SCM Community Call September 2012: Vested – How P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft are Redefining Winning in Business Relationships By Kate Vitasek October 1, 2012 In the presentation, Kate Vitasek shares the real stories of how organizations are using a Vested approach to achieve award winning results by redefining how they “win” in their business relationships. […]