A Lesson in Maintaining Supply in the Wake of a Key Supplier Scandal

OSI Group LLC, a leading supplier of beef to fast food giants McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks – fell under scandal when production at a Shanghai Husi plant was suspended by Chinese officials in July after workers were caught repackaging and selling chicken and beef past their ‘sell-by’ date. No health issues were reported due to […]

China and Outsourcing: Do the Math!

There’s an ebb and flow to most outsourcing relationships as well as their locations, and China is no exception. Much has been written lately about outsourcing to China as becoming a thing of the past. I would not go that far for several reasons—including its large and still relatively cheap labor force and the huge […]

Wages of Outsourcing

When your major technology component supplier’s employees in China are killing themselves and low pay, job performance stress and quality of life conditions apparently are major contributing factors, labor provisions in current outsourcing contracts suddenly become exposed in a huge, public and dark way. Questions abound, but here’s one: Is pushing for the for the […]