Dell’s Journey to Vested Innovation

Dell is much in the news lately, and for good reason, what with founder Michael S. Dell’s controversial plan to buy out the company and take it private for $24.4 billion coupled with mounting opposition to his plan from no less an eminence than the financier Carl Icahn and other major shareholders. I’m not here […]

Contract Management — August, 2012

Contract Management the Vested Way Contract governance using the “Five Rules of Vested Outsourcing” business model will establish a managing framework that is based on collaboration, alignment, and insight, not oversight. By: Kate Vitasek and Karl Manrodt

Contract Management – July 2012

In the July issue of Contract Management magazine: Vested Outsourcing: The Path to a Long-Term, Win-Win Contract By developing outsource agreements that include 10 specific elements, firms learn by doing, employ their best talents and resources to the tasks at hand, and transition their thinking from the adversarial to the truly collaborative.  By: Kate Vitasek […]

Vesting Is More Than Contract Management

The recent International Association of Contracting and Commercial Management report on  contract terms has got me thinking of the terminology we use to describe how an outsourcing contract should operate over time. As we move to the Vested Outsourcing world of cooperative, mutually-beneficial, performance- and outcomes-based contracts based on the transforming power of the Five […]