The Flip Side of Brexit?

What’s happening as a result of Brexit is an evolving—disrupted!—UK and EU marketplace.

Deloitte Says Outsourcing “Accelerates Forward”

Deloitte “takes the pulse” of global outsourcing every two years or so, and its latest survey reflects the growth of outsourcing, and indeed observes it is accelerating “forward” and making a “beeline toward innovation.” Deloitte found the acceleration is guided by three key trends: – Companies are broadening their approach to outsourcing as they begin to […]

Outsource Planning 3Es: Experience, Essentials and Empathy

In my previous post I talked about maturity in outsource planning and wanted to follow up with a little more color from research by CORE, Deloitte and Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management on their survey report, “The 3 Es of Effective Outsourcing Governance.” The 3Es are experience, essentials and empathy. Parties involved in […]

Deloitte and the Next Wave of Globalization

Deloitte, the consulting, risk management and financial services firm, has tackled two current issues in two recent reports: the business next wave of globalization, and how business executives can best demonstrate that their enterprises are creating value for their shareholders. Let’s start with, the 134-page Business Trends 2014: Navigating the wave of globalization. This is […]

Outsourcing is No Longer “Out There”

Even as outsourcing becomes more and more mainstream confusion remains about its relationship to offshoring says Deloitte, the highly regarded tax, audit and financial consulting firm, in its latest survey on the topic. “The outsourcing market continues to confuse outsourcing with offshoring,” Deloitte says. “Many respondents still see the two processes as inseparable – even […]