SIG Inside Sourcing — Dec. 2016

Performance-based and Vested Sourcing Business Models: Gainsharing in a New Dress? Article by Kate Vitasek published 16 December in SIG’s Inside Sourcing Newsletter. I often get the question, “Is Vested Outsourcing really gainsharing in a new dress?” The answer is no. On the surface, gainsharing, a performance-based agreement, and a Vested sourcing business model all […]

HFS Resource Business Transformation Center – April 2014

Beyond Gainsharing: Understanding Different Economic Models/ Incentives in Outsourcing Agreements (Vested) Article by Kate Vitasek and Astrid Uka, published 17 April 2014. It’s time to look beyond gainsharing when thinking about collaborative business and outsourcing relationships… Here’s the link:  

Vested Outsourcing Is Not Gainsharing!

DC Velocity’s Basic Training column this week has an interesting take on gainsharing and the value that it can bring to the logistics outsourcing world. It’s mostly spot-on and very kind. But I must firmly set the record straight when the authors, Art van Bodegraven and Kenneth B. Ackerman assert in their “Gain sharing, pain […]

Collaborate – and Innovate – or Else!

Collaboration and innovation are essential pillars of Vested Outsourcing; they are more than just lip service and group hugs, however. Collaboration  requires attitudes, strategies and structures that encourage and reward effective innovation. By the same token innovation requires a high degree of innovative collaboration. Some recent posts from the Horses for Sources blog/website underscore this […]