Global Delivery Report — September, 2012

10 Essentials of a Vested Outsourcing Agreement By Kate Vitasek This article in Global Delivery Report notes, “If you are increasingly wary of outsource ‘partners’ who seem to put the fun in dysfunction on a regular basis—but not in a good way—it’s probably time for a change.”

Global Delivery Report — August 2012

Published on August 21: 10 Outsourcing Ailments – and How to Cure Them

Global Delivery Report, May 2012

A Step by Step Path to Vested Outsourcing Vested outsourcing replaces the often adversarial relationship between service provider and customer with a “win win” agreement in which both sides share the benefits achieved by outsourcing. In this case study, researcher and author Kate Vitasek explains the role time and trust play in developing a vested […]