Change the People – or Change the People!

Often when I teach or talk about Vested and its implementation, I say, “Change the people or change the people.” I say that because Vested, for many people and many organizations, is a mindset change in how they… Click To Tweet For some that have never worked in a highly collaborative, win-win relationship founded on […]

Outsource Magazine — March 2014

Churchman, Rittel and Webber: The “Wicked” Problem Monthly column in Outsource Magazine by Kate Vitasek published 27 March 2014. Also published in OM’s Spring 2014 edition #35. Do you have one of those really tough business problems that seems to plague you? No matter what you try, nothing seems to solve the problem?… Here’s the […]

Teaming and Innovation at GM

Mary Barra took the reins as General Motor’s new CEO last week, bringing the “teaming gene” to one of the more hierarchical and siloed major U.S. corporations. GM has been on my mind since mid-2012, when Randy Mott was installed as the company’s new chief information officer, followed quickly by his decision to move some […]

Getting to a Shared Purpose Partnership

Mark Bonchek, chief catalyst of ORBIT+Co., writes in a post for the HBR Blog Network about the benefits of having a corporate purpose. Many are starting to profess the importance of  purpose—for instance Simon Sinek, who has a powerful model for inspirational leadership that starts with with a golden circle and the question, “Why?” (His […]

Mean It When You Measure It

I often teach, talk and write about the 10 Ailments that can disrupt, derail or even destroy an outsource or business relationship—and many of these ailments relate either directly or indirectly to the foibles of measuring performance. A recent post by Paul Michelman on the HBR Blog Network stresses the necessity of getting the metrics […]

Reveal Intentions to Gain Trust

There are a couple of sides to trust and fostering trust, one being management competence—both operationally and politically—and another being character. Linda A. Hill and Kent Lineback, authors of Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader (HBR Press, 2011), have written about the trust aspects of leadership for the HBR Blog Network. […]

Looking Back to Go Forward

I’ve been thinking lately about the psychology of outsourcing, even more so  after reading Art Markman‘s recent article in his Harvard Review blog. In fact, it made me reflect on many other “Big Thinkers” in the field of psychology and how their pioneering work can improve how companies craft and manage outsourcing deals.  With that in mind, it’s […]

Business Happens—Embrace It!

Business happening is making headlines with HP. The computer and IT giant’s share price has plummeted after announcing it would exit the PC and tablet computer business. The company’s rationale: Ability to improve focus on higher-margin cloud and business software solutions “with an emphasis on enterprise, commercial and government markets.” Exiting the PC market is […]

Learning How Not to Compete

From a very young age we’re taught about the virtues of competition, about how competing ferociously in every aspect of life leads to success and winning. From Ayn Rand we learn about the “virtue of selfishness,” a hallmark of the all-out egotistical, competitive spirit that was on display to the Nth degree in the recent […]

Outsourcing: Collaboration is More Than a State of Mind

The true test of collaboration occurs when you really have to collaborate, say during a crisis or when the powers that be ask you to do more or to do something radically different. In short collaboration is a nice word but it’s only truly effective and real when what you’re collaborating on is difficult, uncomfortable […]