CIO, June 2010

Stephanie Overby, of CIO Magazine,  details 7 practical tips outsourcing researchers have gathered for more productive, profitable, and peaceful outsourcing relationships between customers and services providers from the work of economist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Oliver Williamson.

Logistics Viewpoints, Feb 2010

Adrian Gonzalez, Director of Logistics Viewpoints, makes the case for software vendors to transform their business models from selling their product to selling supply chain outcomes. In his post titled “Buying Supply Chain Outcomes, Not Software“, Adrian argues the case for software vendors to move to performance based models, such as Vested Outsourcing.

CIO, Jan 2010

Research reveals that outsourcing customers commit a variety of sins when partnering with an external provider. Stephanie Overby, of CIO Maagazine, walks readers through those mistakes in her article titled “10 Crippling Mistakes IT Departments Make“.