Contract Management — October 2016

A Prescription for Collaborative Healthcare Outsourcing Article by Kate Vitasek in the October issue of Contract Management magazine. Here’s the link to the magazine page (sign-up required): 

Forbes — November 2016 — Relational contracting

Relational Contracting On The Rise With The Success Of The Australian Navy Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 30 November 2016. Relational contracting is back in fashion, marked recently by the Australian Navy’s innovative approach for incorporating a relational contract that led to their winning the International Association of Contracting and Commercial Management […]

Avoid the Catch-22 Moment

A Catch-22 is a paradoxical, no-win situation that comprises contradictory and circular logic. For instance, someone needs a pass to enter an office building, but in order to get the pass you have to visit an office in that building. The term was coined by Joseph Heller in his WW II novel of the same […]

The Flip Side of Brexit?

What’s happening as a result of Brexit is an evolving—disrupted!—UK and EU marketplace.

Deloitte Says Outsourcing “Accelerates Forward”

Deloitte “takes the pulse” of global outsourcing every two years or so, and its latest survey reflects the growth of outsourcing, and indeed observes it is accelerating “forward” and making a “beeline toward innovation.” Deloitte found the acceleration is guided by three key trends: – Companies are broadening their approach to outsourcing as they begin to […]

Building Operating Management — June 2016

Article (part 2) by Kate Vitasek in the June 2016 issue of Building Operating Manavgement Procter & Gamble, TD Bank: Vested Outsourcing Success Stories Procter & Gamble has always been at the forefront of innovation. The company took a groundbreaking approach to innovation and collaboration by understanding the power a supplier can bring to the […]

Innovation: You Don’t Need a Genius

Ok, it sure is nice to have geniuses on hand for your innovation projects and goals, but how often does a genius cross your path? Or work for you? But what’s cool about innovation is that it can come from anywhere and anyone— you don’t need to be a genius, just ingenious in your approaches, […]

Outsource Magazine — March 2016

David Faulkner: the value of a cooperative strategy Column by Kate Vitasek published by Outsource Magazine on 17 March 2016. University of London Professor David Faulkner has written extensively about the need for cooperative, rather than purely competitive, strategic business relationships and alliances. Since the early 1990s Faulkner has studied the “essence” of competitive strategy, and […]

For Innovation: Ask the Person

Innovation doesn’t have to be a mystery featuring secret words, cryptic corporate alchemy and magical thinking. It can be as simple as ATP: ‘ask the person’ doing the work. Communication is vital in every aspect of our personal and business lives, for collaboration, alignment and creating value—so why not when it comes to innovation? A […]

Innovation: It’s Not Just “More” or “Faster”

There are many paths to innovation. But far too many think it’s about just doing “more” of something. Or doing something “faster.” KLM understands the spirit of innovation is in thinking differently rather than trying to just improve an existing process or product. This YouTube video shows how the customer service team is innovating when it comes […]