Siliconindia — January 2018

Five Steps to Collaborative IT Outsourcing Relationships Article by Kate Vitasek published 31 December 2017 in Siliconindia magazine. Here is the link:

Intersections with NewEDI — September 2014

Kate Vitasek, Vested Author & University Tennessee Faculty, joins Intersections with NewEDI pocast (episode 2) NewEDI was honored and excited to have Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee faculty, supply chain consultant and author, join our Intersections with NewEDI podcast series… Here’s the link:  

Information Week — July 2014

Suppliers Held Hostage To Procurement Platforms, Services Commentary by Kate Vitasek in IW’s Strategic CIO published 14 July 2014 Pricing models penalize suppliers for increasing their business with retail, other customers… link:  

CIO — April 2014

How to Negotiate a Collaborative Outsourcing Deal Interview with Kate Vitasek, published online by CIO on 25 April 2014. You say you want more from your IT outsourcing service provider, yet you fall back on the same old negotiating tactics. To find out how to develop a more collaborative relationship with service providers, talked […]

Partnering Strategies Matter—Big Time!

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, my feelings about the importance of true partnerships in business relationships are obvious. It’s no surprise to find more and more companies jumping on the “partnership” and “collaboration” bandwagon. A recent report from IBM Center for Applied Insights, “Why partnering strategies matter,” underscores the […]

Ailment 11 – New Sheriff in Town Syndrome

You know the scenario. The new sheriff rides into town, wants to clean up and make a name for himself…most often leaving dead bodies in his wake.  In the movies the new sheriff is usually the good guy, as in Gary Cooper’s Oscar-winning turn in High Noon, and the bad guys become the dead bodies […]

Keep the Core Competency at Home

Job No. 1 when it comes to outsourcing is never to outsource a core competency. I was reminded of this essential fact recently when I read a TechRepublic news story about GE’s huge investment to build a state of the art “green” data center on the same site in where the world’s first commercial computer […]

Vested Outsourcing Makes the Innovative Impulse Real

We all talk about the need for innovation to energize, grow and add continuous value to outsourcing relationships. Innovation is easier said than done however, and a recent article by Stephanie Overby in CIO magazine underscores this. A survey of European CIOs found that 67 percent of IT leaders rely on outsource providers to turn […]

No-Dread Collaboration

Rob Preston, editor of InformationWeek, has an interesting take on “Why Some People ‘Dread’ Collaboration.” He points out that a primary reason people “dread” collaborating is due to the amount of time and energy it consumes and that they often feel pestered and pressured to use tools they think they can solve on their own. Now […]

CIO, June 2010

Stephanie Overby, of CIO Magazine,  details 7 practical tips outsourcing researchers have gathered for more productive, profitable, and peaceful outsourcing relationships between customers and services providers from the work of economist and Nobel Prize winner Dr. Oliver Williamson.