Keeping Contracts Simple

I’ve long been an advocate of “plain language contracting” – in fact, for many years. Using plain and understandable language in contracts makes sense when you think about it. Click To Tweet After all, it is the users of the contracts who need to understand and live into them. Of course, I perked up when […]

Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) — 26 June 2019 — Myth-Busting

Procurement Myth-Busting – Putting Misconceptions to Rest Article by Kate Vitasek published 26 June on the SIG website. Many companies are on missions to improve their procurement processes… Here is the link: 

Forbes — 18 June 2019 — Compliance Practices

Abusive Compliance Practices Hurt Retailers And Their Vendors Vendor compliance programs have become a major roadblock to retail store success… Article by Kate Vitasek published in Forbes on 18 June 2019. Here is the link:  

Contract Management Magazine — 1 June 2019

THE EVOLUTION OF THE VESTED BUSINESS MODEL: FROM RESEARCH TO A METHODOLOGY TO A MOVEMENT Article by Kate Vitasek published 1 June 2019 in Contract Management Magazine. Here is the link:

Avoiding the Death Spiral

Many procurement organizations don’t realize they are in a virtual death spiral when it comes to cost-cutting. The concept of a death spiral in business has been associated with insurance and investing, but it… Click To Tweet Procurement organizations that constantly demand lower and lower costs (often having a metric known as Purchase Price Variance) often […]

Paying the Piper

The old saying goes, “He who pays the piper calls the tune.”  The adage dates back to medieval times and emphasizes the fact that the person paying someone to do something decides how that something gets done. Paying the Piper makes a great deal of sense in transactional deals; if Company A is footing the bill, shouldn’t it call the shots? […]

You May Think You Know What You’re Doing…

Seth Godin’s recent blog on “Rationalizing your project” really struck a chord with me. Godin talks about how companies and individuals fail to follow advice because, “In the face of helpful advice, it’s easy to say, ‘sure, that’s what I’m already doing,’” or justify altering the advice to make things easier for them. He gives an excellent […]

Intelligent Sourcing — Spring 2019

Sourcing as an evolving system Article by Kate Vitasek in the Spring 2019 issue of Intelligent Sourcing Research at the University of Tennessee is helping sourcing professionals put logic around when and how to use different sourcing business models for different situations… Here is the link: 

Counting on What Counts

The saying goes that not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Those are excellent words to live by in both personal and business relationships. I especially like the nuance of the first part of the quote because all too often companies are seeking the holy grail of “value,” but […]

Don’t be a Stick or a Paper Tiger

KPJR Films has a fabulous documentary called  “Paper Tigers.”  It’s about how a high school decided to approach troubled youths – who are acting out because of trauma and toxic stress levels – with love and respect rather than punishment. The documentary is supported by research from clinical physician Dr. Vincent Felitti and CDC epidemiologist Robert Anda; they […]