Forbes — 21 January 2019 — Brexit, Trade and Logistics

Get Set For A Bumpy Trade And Logistics Ride In 2019 Forbes post by Kate Vitasek on 21 January 2019 A significant reshuffling of the top logistics countries is likely this year, largely because of Brexit and the potential for a trade war between the U.S. and China… Here’s the link:

Outsource Magazine — October 2014

Clay Shirky: sharing changes everything Kate Vitasek’s column published 13 October 2014 in Outsource Magazine. Clay Shirky, New York University professor, author, and a leading thinker on the effects of the internet on society, delves into the disruptive power of technology and collaboration on how people live and work… Here’s the link:

Cut If You Must, But Do it Credibly

I was reading the Harvard Business Review’s Daily Stat and discovered that a mere 10 percent of cost-reduction programs sustain their results after three years, according to research from McKinsey. Sometimes there’s no accounting for cost-accounting when it doesn’t really account for all the costs involved in an enterprise. That can really stress complex supply […]