Outsource Magazine — March 2016

David Faulkner: the value of a cooperative strategy Column by Kate Vitasek published by Outsource Magazine on 17 March 2016. University of London Professor David Faulkner has written extensively about the need for cooperative, rather than purely competitive, strategic business relationships and alliances. Since the early 1990s Faulkner has studied the “essence” of competitive strategy, and […]

Outsource Magazine — May 2015

Deirdre McCloskey: Are Markets Moral? Column by Kate Vitasek published by Outsource Magazine on 14 May 2015. Economist and philosopher Deirdre McCloskey has some thought-provoking and highly nuanced takes on innovation and ethics in the commercial arena. How about this for starters: capitalism is innovation, in her estimation… Here’s the link: http://outsourcemag.com/deirdre-mccloskey-are-markets-moral/  

Outsource Magazine — February 2015

John W. Henke Jr. and Chun Zhang: Increasing Supplier Trust and Innovation Column/blog by Kate Vitasek published on by Outsource Magazine on 24 Feb. 2015 The tricky question that most if not all companies face on a constant basis is how to get their suppliers fully engaged and committed to – and even be instrumental […]

Outsource Magazine — December 2014

Jean Tirole: The science of taming powerful firms Article published in Outsource Magazine by Kate Vitasek on 22 December 2014. Jean Tirole, the French professor of economics who recently received the Nobel Prize, is one of the most influential modern economists for his extensive theories and rigorous mathematic analysis of strategic behaviour and information economics […]

Outsource Magazine — October 2014

Clay Shirky: sharing changes everything Kate Vitasek’s column published 13 October 2014 in Outsource Magazine. Clay Shirky, New York University professor, author, and a leading thinker on the effects of the internet on society, delves into the disruptive power of technology and collaboration on how people live and work… Here’s the link: http://outsourcemagazine.co.uk/clay-shirky-sharing-changes-everything/

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Some Questions and Answers about Relational Contracting Article by David Frydlinger in Outsource Magazine, published online 15 July 2014. For quite some time now, there has been much talk about the need for a more collaborative approach in outsourcing. In this context, the concept of relational or collaborative contracting often appears… Here’s the link: http://outsourcemagazine.co.uk/some-questions-and-answers-about-relational-contracting/   […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Avoid Buyer and Seller Remorse: Get What You Pay For Article by Kate Vitasek published 17 July 2014 online and in the magazine’s Summer 2014 digital edition.  At some point a buyer and supplier will talk about pricing, maybe not right away – but it’s always the elephant in the room. Pricing is also potentially […]

Outsource Magazine — July 2014

Avery W. Katz: Dealing with the Incomplete Contract Kate Vitasek’s monthly column/blog for Outsource Magazine. Published 4 July 2014. Avery W. Katz, professor of law at Columbia Law School, tackles the conundrum of “incomplete contracts.” The challenge? How can organisations fashion a contract that is both economically flexible enough for a business relationship to move […]

Outsource Magazine — May 2014

Villena, Revilla, Choi: Breaking down the “bright” and “dark” side of buyer-seller relationships Outsource Magazine column by Kate Vitasek published online on 7 May 2014. If you’ve been in the outsource industry for more than five minutes you probably know that buyer-seller relationships are, well, complicated. And just when you think you have the collaboration […]

Outsource Magazine — March 2014

Churchman, Rittel and Webber: The “Wicked” Problem Monthly column in Outsource Magazine by Kate Vitasek published 27 March 2014. Also published in OM’s Spring 2014 edition #35. Do you have one of those really tough business problems that seems to plague you? No matter what you try, nothing seems to solve the problem?… Here’s the […]