Corporate Real Estate Journal — Volume 8 (2018-19)

Comparing the why, what and how of performance-based and Vested Outsourcing models in CRE Article by Kate Vitasek and Michele Flynn in the latest issue of CREJ Volume 8 Number 1 The concepts of Vested outsourcing® (as developed by University of Tennessee researchers) and performance-based contracting have significantly risen in popularity as more and more […]

Forbes — May 2017 — I-85 Bridge

Georgia’s I-85 And The Value Of Performance Incentives Column by Kate Vitasek published In Forbes on 12 May 2017. Here’s the link:  

Forbes — January 2015

GAO: Performance-Based Contracts Are The Way To Go Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 27 January 2015. Link: 

Performance-based Contracts Perform

My Contract Management magazine arrived recently with even more evidence that a vested, collaborative approach to managing difficult contracts – or solving difficult problems – results in success on a huge scale. Most of us grew up hearing about the controversies surrounding the Rocky Flats Plant near Denver, a U.S. nuclear weapons production facility that operated […]