Trust the Price Tag?

The concept of a price tag is only about 140 years old. Prior to that transactions were a negotiation between buyer and seller. Basically, everything was a yard sale, with haggling expected. Today of course, haggling about the price of an airline seat or an entree at your favorite restaurant is a lost cause. The price […]

Forbes — September 2015

Beyond A Fair Price: Proven Approaches To Buy Value Article by Kate Vitasek published 14 Sept. 2015 on the Forbes Leadership site. Many buyers and suppliers are easily frustrated when it comes time to negotiate a fair contract price that preserves and increases value. In fact, it is paradoxical. On one hand the parties discuss […]

Price or Value? Go Beyond the Quick Price Reduction Fix

Adjusting to the Vested Outsourcing business model requires a major change in thinking and approach to total costs, pricing and value in the outsource relationship. Moving away from the conventional and quick-fix focus on price to a shared value and collaborative mind-set that might even involve leaving money on the table is a difficult concept […]