Forbes — 20 March 2017 — Supply Chains and Adjusting to Trump

Supply Chains And Adjusting To Trump: Think Local And Global Article by Kate Vitasek published 20 March 2017 in Forbes It’s still early in the Trump presidency, but not too early for supply chain professionals to begin planning for what could be major challenges in global markets and trade agreements, especially if President Donald Trump […]

Navigate the Priceberg

In an article this month for Material Handling & Logistics Magazine, I reiterated a point I frequently make, that is, outsourcing and off-shoring are not interchangeable terms and the decision to outsource does not automatically mean that jobs are lost to another country. In the article, “Don’t Re-Shore the Priceberg” I note that the decision […]

Material Handling & Logistics Magazine – April 2014

Don’t Re-shore a Priceberg Article by Kate Vitasek in the April 2014 edition of Material Handling and Logistics. Before deciding to re-shore business or suppliers look beneath the surface at the costs involved… Here’s the link:  

Price or Value? Go Beyond the Quick Price Reduction Fix

Adjusting to the Vested Outsourcing business model requires a major change in thinking and approach to total costs, pricing and value in the outsource relationship. Moving away from the conventional and quick-fix focus on price to a shared value and collaborative mind-set that might even involve leaving money on the table is a difficult concept […]