Outsource Magazine, Jun 2011

The fifth academic in her series “The Academics of Outsourcing”, lead researcher Kate Vitasek highlights the accomplishments of Robert Solow and how his work impacts outsourcing. Kate explains it all in her article “Robert Solow: innovation, technology – and math! – make all the difference.”

Collaborate – and Innovate – or Else!

Collaboration and innovation are essential pillars of Vested Outsourcing; they are more than just lip service and group hugs, however. Collaboration  requires attitudes, strategies and structures that encourage and reward effective innovation. By the same token innovation requires a high degree of innovative collaboration. Some recent posts from the Horses for Sources blog/website underscore this […]

Robert M. Solow: Brains are Better than Brawn

Most – OK many – of us can remember when there was no Internet, when email was a clunky toy for a few that could never revolutionize communication, when computers were huge, slow and really annoying, when wireless was just another word for radio, when a phone sat on a table, hung on a wall […]