Standing on the Shoulders…

Previously I posted on Stephen Johnson’s work about how innovations that are built on slow hunches, serendipity and having an attitude that embraces sliding doors that open new pathways is conducive to driving innovation. These posts brought to mind the evolution of the Vested business model itself and how it relates to a powerful quote […]

Nobel Economist Ronald Coase, Giant of TCE, Dies at 102

Nobel laureate Ronald Coase, a giant of modern economic thought and whose ideas about transaction costs and the nature of companies are a foundation of Vested principles, died this week in Chicago. He was 102. In “The Nature of the Firm,” which was developed and written while he was still an undergraduate and published in 1937, Professor […]

Coase: Are Economists Becoming Irrelevant?

Followers of this blog and the “economics of outsourcing” series know how much I admire Ronald Coase and the contributions he has made to economic thought regarding transaction costs, total costs, getting the math right and the emergence of modern outsource contracting. His groundbreaking work, stretching back to the 1930s, shed light on a new […]

Ronald Coase: Business is a Math Problem

Lately I’ve been thinking and writing about the economic theorists and thought leaders who set the stage for modern outsourcing to really take off. For me, the obvious choice to begin this mini-series of posts is with Ronald Coase, who was a pioneer in the area of transaction costs and the nature of the firm. Coase’s […]

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