You May Think You Know What You’re Doing…

Seth Godin’s recent blog on “Rationalizing your project” really struck a chord with me. Godin talks about how companies and individuals fail to follow advice because, “In the face of helpful advice, it’s easy to say, ‘sure, that’s what I’m already doing,’” or justify altering the advice to make things easier for them. He gives an excellent […]

Drop that Grudge

There’s nothing positive about holding a grudge, especially in the business world because grudges produce negative feelings and results. Seth Godin, in a recent post, rightly put it this way: the problem with holding a grudge is “your hands are then too full to hold onto anything else.” Click To Tweet Whatever is causing the […]

Don’t Buy It If It Doesn’t Fit

A recent blog from marketing guru Seth Godin talks about that beautiful pair of shoes—and on sale at a great price!—only there’s one catch: they are one size too small. There’s a decision to be made: should you opt for the good looking bargain and go with sore feet until maybe the shoes stretch out? […]

What Game are You Playing?

Marketing guru Seth Godin has a short blog, “The short game, the long game and the infinite game”  in which he asks, “How long is your long run?” He continues that a short game is when people or organizations see the lens through a short ROI and “measure the world in ten second flashes, and […]

To Start 2014, Pick Three People and Three Books

As I thought about what to write about in my first blog of 2014 I kept coming back to something that the insightful Seth Godin wrote about last month. In a December 20th post, he suggested that if there is “one thing you could do that would transform how 2014 goes for you,” it would […]

Put the Bias on Trust

Seth Godin, who as you know by now is one of my favorite “go-to” writers and bloggers, talks about having a “bias for trust” based on two truths. This first is that we shouldn’t “waste time” initiating relationships “that are not going to thrive and benefit both sides,” he says. Exactly! You don’t get to […]

Shoot for Trust, Not Trustiness!

A recent post from one of my favorite writers and bloggers, Seth Godin, talks about “trustiness,” or the idea that simply sounding like you or your company has a commitment to trust is just as good as actually instilling a true ecosystem of trust. It’s a bow to Stephen Colbert’s famous take on “truthiness,” or […]

Choose Transparency for the Win-Win

Transparency is another of the oft-used buzzwords that  is more spoken about and wished-for than actually implemented. I’ve always been a fan of Seth Godin, but I was struck by this latest post from Seth Godin that talks about a sort anti-transparency movement which – in my opinion – is not healthy. The first example […]

Failure, Success, Entropy, and Outsourcing

Spend any time surfing the blogosphere and you’re likely to come across Seth Godin, a blogging pioneer and virtual legend in the virtual world of cyberspace. Godin has written 10 books, is an entrepreneur and is described as an “agent of change.” I’d call him one of the Internet’s foremost philosophers of the moment and […]