Inside Supply Management Weekly — 14 January 2019

Focusing on Shared Vision and Statement of Intent The first of a series of articles on the Vested Five Rules and the 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek published 14 January in Inside Supply Management Weekly. Here is the link:

Redefining Partnership

When you hear the word “partnership,” what does it really mean to you? And what does it mean for your business partner? All too often I find individuals and organizations are not on the same page with a foundational definition of what they mean when they toss out this term. And this causes mistrust and […]

What Prevents Radical Collaboration?

I recently keynoted at the The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) global conference, which brings together the world’s heavy hitting thought leaders and businesses that help make speedy global commerce a reality. The theme of the conference was “Breaking Barriers. Creating Opportunities.” I was asked to keynote this important event because the air cargo industry […]

Developing a Shared Vision and Guiding Principles

Getting to We is a process. After partners assess the levels of trust and compatibility between them and agree that there is enough trust and compatibility, they are ready to move on to the next step in the process: developing a shared vision for the relationship. It is vital that the parties view each other […]

Leading with Vision Takes…Vision

A recent Fast Company article talks about leading with farsightedness and leaders who are able to articulate possible futures in ways that are compelling and inclusive. The article makes a distinction between leaders and truly visionary, game-changing leaders; we know however that those in the latter category – a Steven Jobs, for example – don’t […]

The Psychology of Outsourcing, Part 6: Wayne Dyer and the Power of Intention

Wayne Dyer, widely known for his new-agey and somewhat metaphysical teachings on self-development, is also known as the “father of motivation.” In a very real sense this highly aphoristic spiritual guru and author of more than 30 books has a lot to say about the business and outsourcing mindset. Much of what Dyer says boils […]