Forbes — 24 January 2019 — Employees, Suppliers

Don’t Treat Your Employees Like Suppliers Forbes Blog article by Kate Vitasek published 24 January 2019 The war for talent is 20 years strong and has changed the way companies recruit and retain talented employees. While great strides have been made in how companies treat employees, many are still in the dark ages when it […]

ISM Weekly — 26 November 2018

Implementing a Successful Supplier Sourcing Contract Article by Kate Vitasek published  by Inside Supply Management Weekly on 26 November 2018. Some sourcing business deals are simple to negotiate, especially when they are basic transactional deals, such as for office supplies. Other more strategic sourcing contracts might go through difficult and lengthy RFP processes… Here is […]

The Problem with Supplier Trust

The problem with trust when it comes to suppliers is that they probably supply many different companies, perhaps even your competitors – so how do you trust them? But have you stopped to think the reverse is also true: how can suppliers trust their buyers? This is a situation as old as the buyer-supplier relationship […]

SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter — March 2017

Rethinking Supplier Metrics: From “Best Practice” to “Best Fit” Article by Kate Vitasek published 9 March in the SIG Inside Sourcing Newsletter. Here’s the link:

Forbes – 27 August 2016 — VW dispute with suppliers

VW’s Supplier Dispute Shines More Light On Power-Play Practices Published in Forbes by Kate Vitasek on 27 August 2016. Everyone wants a good deal from their supplier. But when is a company crossing the line to supplier bullying? Typically buyer-supplier disputes, tensions and dust-ups are quite common, but usually run under the radar due to […]

Forbes — September 2015

Harness — Don’t Fight — Powerful Suppliers Forbes article by Kate Vitasek published on 21 September 2015. As buyers we often find ourselves in the unenviable position of having a supplier that we cannot live without, either because they’re the only provider of a product, service, or software application, or because the cost or risk […]

Outsource Magazine — February 2015

John W. Henke Jr. and Chun Zhang: Increasing Supplier Trust and Innovation Column/blog by Kate Vitasek published on by Outsource Magazine on 24 Feb. 2015 The tricky question that most if not all companies face on a constant basis is how to get their suppliers fully engaged and committed to – and even be instrumental […]

Why is Integrity Important Only after You’re Caught?

In a recent blog I questioned some of the supplier practices of Apple. But I don’t mean to single out any one company—it’s the nature of the business that often questionable supply chain practices don’t surface unless there’s a lawsuit or, in the case of Apple, a bankruptcy filing by a supplier. It seems there […]

Virginia’s Forum 2014: Challenging Procurement Norms

I was pleased and honored to participate earlier this week at Forum 2014, Virginia’s Department of General Services’ big event for state and local procurement professionals and supplier partners. Indeed it is a very large event, taking place at the Hampton Roads Convention Center over four days, featuring more than 80 sessions, anchored by more than […]

Apple’s Lose-Lose deal with GT Advanced is a No-Win Situation

We all hate lose-lose games. And I am guessing Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is asking himself how his company got into its recent lose-lose situation with GT Advanced Technologies – Apple’s manufacturer of sapphire glass for phone screens and consumer electronics that filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on Oct. 6. It was only a little over […]