Most Negotiated vs. Most Important Contract Terms

It’s here! IACCM has released this year’s report on the most negotiated contract terms, which provides insight into the contracting practices of more than 2,100 organizations. One of the major insights of the survey identifies a disconnect between what is deemed most important in contract terms and the terms that are most… Click To Tweet […]

Procurement Integrity

Much is written lately about “procurement integrity”—many might say this a hot subject, because at times it seems that integrity is somewhat tough to come by in many types of business relationships, but especially when procurement divisions focus only costs. Tim Cummins addressed this issue in a recent Commitment Matters post, in which he gets […]

Think Right, Do Right, Add It Up Right!

I had a lively conversation with my good friend, colleague and co-author of The Vested Outsourcing Manual – Jacqui Crawford – who spouted off a wise quip I think is worth paying attention too. “Think right, do right, add it up right!” Those eight words contain a powerful message that’s embodied in the five rules […]

Balancing the Outsource Contract Scales

The old adage that the more things change the more they stay the same probably should be revised when it comes to contract terms: the more things stay the same the worse they get. Tim Cummins, CEO of the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM), expressed that thought in a recent Commitment Matters […]

Costing Out the Cost of the Contract

I’ve talked recently about the need for outsource contracting in a transparent and flexible Vested environment, but what about the actual cost of establishing a business contract? While there is obviously no standard cost template for contract negotiation services—contracts can vary from the exceedingly short and simple to the immensely long and complex and you […]

Achieving Agility through the Vested Model

Last time I talked about an overused buzzword in business and outsourcing, collaboration, and how Vested Outsourcing takes it from overuse to useful. So while that memory and momentum is still fresh, another oft-used term for this occasional series is “agility.” While most every company prides itself on its agility in reacting to the vagaries […]

Negotiation, Economics and Outsourcing

Negotiation is on my mind a lot lately as I finish The Vested Outsourcing Manual with three colleagues and friends. It also apparently is much on the mind of Tim Cummins in his excellent “Commitment Matters” blog, where he writes about the “economics of negotiation” and the “purpose of negotiation.” It’s on my mind because […]