Longitudes (UPS) — September 2014

The Five Rules that will Transform Outsourcing Article by Kate Vitasek in UPS’ new thought leadership blog, Longitudes Changing the business mindset from “me” to “we”… Here’s the link: http://longitudes.ups.com/2014/09/03/vested-five-rules-that-will-transform-outsourcing/

Hands Down, Santa is the Top Outsourcer

We know that UPS loves logistics. At this time of the year UPA commercials stress the beauty of logistics — and don’t forget their jingle sung to the tune of “That’s Amore!”  UPSers really have to love their job! They work extended hours seven days a week to make it happen. Warehouses add seasonal workers. […]

Santa Claus: As an Outsourcer, He’s the Top Dog

As the song goes, UPS loves logistics. And this time of year, UPSers have to really love their job. So many packages; they work extended hours seven days a week to make it happen. Warehouses add seasonal workers. Stores open early and close late. Moms are frazzled just trying to manage. Hey, it’s Christmas! And […]

Don’t Blame Outsourcing for Lack of Jobs (Part 2)

Last time I talked about how blaming outsourcing for the ugly U.S. jobs situation is misguided and just plain wrong. I promised to share a letter I prepared to President Obama in response to Monster’s Keep America Working Project, so here it is: Mr. President, I feel your pain. The American people have spoken. About […]

Even Some Big Guys Need a Lesson in Vesting

When a manufacturer suffers recurring production delays due to parts shortages along its supply chain it’s a big problem. When this happens to a company like Boeing, which is trying to launch a major new product – the 787 Dreamliner – it reveals a costly and endemic problem that can verge on disaster. Randy Tinseth, […]

Picking Up on Vested Outsourcing

It’s really great to see corporate executives singing the praises of  Vested Outsourcing for it’s transformational impact on how companies approach outsourcing. A recent post on Brown’s Compass Online website from Brad Mitchell, the UPS president of distribution and logistics, proclaims Vested Outsourcing is one of the Top 5 trends in logistics.  Mitchell sings the vested […]