Counting on What Counts

The saying goes that not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts. Those are excellent words to live by in both personal and business relationships. I especially like the nuance of the first part of the quote because all too often companies are seeking the holy grail of “value,” but […]

Expert Insights on Procurement’s Role in 2018

According to a recent Zycus report, “Procurement Experts Outlook 2018”, businesses are “more than ever exposed to a myriad of complex issues revolving around cost savings, operational efficiency and obtaining a competitive edge through available data and human resources.”

Outsource Magazine — July 2016

Horacio Falcao and the value of value negotiation Article by Kate Vitasek published In Outsource Magazine on 14 July 2016 Professor Horacio Falcão, a Senior Affiliate Professor of Decision Sciences at INSEAD, warns companies should not start – nor necessarily end – on “price” when it comes to negotiations… Here’s the link:!  

Forbes — September 2015

Beyond A Fair Price: Proven Approaches To Buy Value Article by Kate Vitasek published 14 Sept. 2015 on the Forbes Leadership site. Many buyers and suppliers are easily frustrated when it comes time to negotiate a fair contract price that preserves and increases value. In fact, it is paradoxical. On one hand the parties discuss […]

Vested and Value Creation

There’s a short quote about creating value—along with a cute cartoon—that’s gone viral on the internet. It goes like this this: “I met a man with a dollar. We exchanged dollars. We each still had one dollar. Then I met a man with an idea. We exchanged ideas. Now we each have two ideas.” The […]

Horses For Sources BPO Resource Center – July, 2012

Slanting the Playing Field: Unlocking Outsourcing Value (Vested Outsourcing) It was in 2005 when Thomas Friedman introduced us to a “level playing field” in his bestselling book, “The World is Flat.” Of course, the IT outsourcing space was already in the midst of creating a leveling of the playing field by the time Friedman’s book […]