Contract Management Magazine — 1 June 2019

THE EVOLUTION OF THE VESTED BUSINESS MODEL: FROM RESEARCH TO A METHODOLOGY TO A MOVEMENT Article by Kate Vitasek published 1 June 2019 in Contract Management Magazine. Here is the link:

Procurement Leaders — October 2018

The art of getting to ‘we’ in negotiations Thought Leaders article by Kate Vitasek published 10 October 2018 in Procurement Leaders Resource Library. There are many books on the art of negotiations and getting to ‘yes’. But few of those address what happens after the parties sign the contract. Have you ever found yourself in […]

Teams and Social Norms

I’ve talked about the need for establishing guiding principles—or social norms—for negotiating and operating strategic contract relationships but Social norms are applicable and important for company team dynamics Click To Tweet . It’s important that the norms embodied in the “what’s in it for we?” contract negotiation process be firmly embedded throughout the organization, or […]

Orthoworld — 8 November 2017

5 Steps to a Highly Collaborative Supplier Agreement Article by Kate Vitasek published 8 November 2017 on Orthoworld’s online news site. If your recent experiences with contract negotiations are something like visiting the dentist for a root canal, there is a much better—and pain-free!—way to go about wrangling that strategic agreement… Here’s the link:

LinkedIn Pulse — Getting to We article

Take Five Giant Steps to Collaborative Relationships Article by Kate Vitasek published 25 Jan. 2017 on LinkedIn Pulse Here’s the link:

What do the 2016 Nobel Prize winners in economics teach us about Vested and alternative Sourcing Business Models? – Pt. 2

This post was written by David Frydlinger, Kate Vitasek and Henrik Järleskog.   When Oliver Hart and Bengt Holmström won the Nobel prize in economics last week, many Vested followers reached out asking the question, “How does their research align with the What’s in it for We (WIIFWe) mindset and approaches of the Vested sourcing […]

Forbes — 30 June 2016

Big Business Can Take A Lesson From Child Psychology Article by Kate Vitasek published by Forbes on 30 June 2016 One-sided power-based business relationships could take a lesson from child psychology and behavioral studies that are based on the power of positive, incentive-based approaches to foster collaboration and win-win results… Here’s the link:  

Coor Service Management — May 2015

“WHAT’S IN IT FOR WE” Article by David Frydlinger published by Coor Service Management on 14 May 2015. Future competitiveness is created through effective collaborations between customer and supplier. Strategic partnerships is gaining an increased significance and old business models will be replaced. The Vested-model is already used successfully in large outsourcing contracts… Here’s the […]

Be the Good Partner

Recently I came across a quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, “If you want a good spouse, then be one.” So true! And it is even more appropriate in our business relationships: If you want to have a good, strategic business partner then show the way by being one yourself. This is easy to say, especially when […]

Transform SRM into Strategic Relationship Management

In SupplyChainBrain’s 2015 Resource Guide, one of my articles notes that the movement to implement real and lasting collaboration is alive and well in supplier relationship management (SRM). The key point is, how can SRM be truly effective without collaboration that includes processes for transparency and continuous communication, and where suppliers are full partners in managing […]