Vested Deal Reviews

While self-assessments can be a valuable resource, many companies like the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re constructing relationships aimed at preventing as many of the 10 Ailments of Outsourcing as possible. The Vested Deal Review Program offers companies and their service providers a neutral third-party review to ensure both parties are engaged in a sound agreement.

A Deal Review is a formal review of your contract and your relationship. The review includes interviews with both the company and the service provider. It also includes in-depth critiques of how well the contract is structured, including a review of the performance work statement, compensation model, scorecards and governance structure. Your contract and relationship will be scored on the following elements:

  • Foundation – Does your relationship display the foundational components needed for success?
  • Elements – How well is the deal structured? Have you included the 10 essential Vested elements in your agreement?
  • Trust – Is there sufficient trust between the parties to make the relationship work?
  • Ailments – Are either of the parties demonstrating signs of any of the 10 Outsourcing Ailments, if appliciable?

A Deal Review includes an on-site facilitated workshop to share insights and opportunities that can help improve their deal and relationship.

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