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The orientation course and its PowerPoint slides are being licensed as Open Source Material for use by the business community to help individuals share the Vested® methodology and principles. By using the Vested Open Source Material, you implicitly represent and warrant that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by our terms of use. (Click here to read the Terms of Use Agreement for our open source material.)

We ask that you please provide attribution when using this material, and that you do not alter the PowerPoint deck in terms of template, background, colors or the Vested images used. If you use this content in your own document, please attribute the source as follows:

  • Source: Used with permission. Vested®. Vested Outsourcing, Inc.

Please note that “Vested” should always written with an uppercase “V.” “Vested” is to be used throughout the presentation, except where you are referring to the outsourcing industry. In such an instance, “Vested Outsourcing” may be used. It is the Faculty’s wish that “Vested Outsourcing” not be abbreviated as “VO.”

Thank you for helping educate students and the business community on Vested!

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