Outsource Magazine — August, 2012

Elinor Ostrom: getting involved in your own governance This month’s column pays a tribute to Elinor Ostrom, who shared the Nobel Prize award in economic science in 2009 with Oliver Williamson. Ostrom, who died at age 78 on June 12, was cited by the Nobel Committee for “her analysis of economic governance, especially the commons,” […]

DC Velocity — August, 2012

New book features “Vested” success stories McDonald’s, P&G, and Microsoft are among the companies that have adopted the outcomes-based approach to partnerships. By DC Velocity Staff

Arrogance Always Precedes a Fall

Frequently I engage in good fodder with colleagues and luminaries on topics that seem obscure—but then somehow prove to have powerful lessons for today’s businesses. This post comes courtesy of Steve Frampton – who left a successful career as a procurement professional and outsourcing change management expert at Kimberly Clark to become a business coach. […]

WorkPlace Now: Interview with Kate Vitasek – July 2012

Johnson Controls’ WorkPlace Now E-zine: Interview with Kate Vitasek about Vested and the Five Rules.

Outsource Magazine – July 2012

Recession gives rise to vested outsourcing Nice reference to Vested as a rising trend by Daniel Sasaki.

Spacing Out on Risk, Shared Value and Desired Outcomes, Part 2

Last week I talked about the Apollo Program and Robert Braun’s idea that you can “celebrate failure” – which boils down not being afraid fail in order to achieve your Desired Outcome. Braun, NASA’s Chief Technologist, probably knows a little something about risks, innovation and how to handle them. In an interview in NASA’s ask […]

Spacing Out on Risk, Innovation and Desired Outcomes, Part 1

A risk-averse mindset would never have landed us on the Moon during the heady days that followed John F. Kennedy’s directive in 1962 for the U.S. to “go to the Moon” by the end of that decade. I love to use story of how powerful Kennedy’s words were when I teach students and executives about […]

Horses For Sources BPO Resource Center – July, 2012

Slanting the Playing Field: Unlocking Outsourcing Value (Vested Outsourcing) It was in 2005 when Thomas Friedman introduced us to a “level playing field” in his bestselling book, “The World is Flat.” Of course, the IT outsourcing space was already in the midst of creating a leveling of the playing field by the time Friedman’s book […]

Contract Management – July 2012

In the July issue of Contract Management magazine: Vested Outsourcing: The Path to a Long-Term, Win-Win Contract By developing outsource agreements that include 10 specific elements, firms learn by doing, employ their best talents and resources to the tasks at hand, and transition their thinking from the adversarial to the truly collaborative.  By: Kate Vitasek […]

Outsource Magazine – Honestly Dishonest – July, 2012

This month’s Outsource Magazine column: Honestly dishonest… If you follow this column you know I am a fan of some of the behavioral and transaction cost economists, including John Nash and Oliver Williamson. This month I am adding Dan Ariely to my list of big thinkers…