Forbes, June 2010

Kate Vitasek’s, author of “Vested Outsourcing – Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing,” newest article “A New Way to Outsource” appears on In the article, Kate walks you through why vested outsourcing is a game changer and how companies can use vested outsourcing.

UPS Blog Post, Apr 2010

Brad Mitchell, President of Distribution and Logistics for UPS, identified 5  supply chain trends for 2010 and named vested outsourcing as a trend to watch. Brad notes “this strategy is not appropriate for every third-party partnership, but when implemented under the right circumstances, it can result in a win-win proposition for both parties.”

Warehousing Forum, July 2009

“Vested Outsourcing – The Next Generation of Outsourcing” appeared in the July 2009 issue of the Warehousing Forum. The article centers on the 10 ailments of traditional outsourcing agreements.