Vested’s Open Source Toolkit

Vested_toolkitChances are you’re visiting this site because you have read one of our books or taken our Vested Orientation course, where we referenced our Open Source Toolkit, a free download to assist you with your Vested journey.

The Vested Toolkit contains resources to support each of the stages of your Vested journey. We’d like to tell you a little more about it…

What’s In It For You

The complete Vested Toolkit contains over 100 decision-making tools, templates and resources.   We’ve picked some of our favorite tools that are essential to getting started on your Vested journey and are making them available as part of our Open Source Material.   The selected Open Source tools will help you:

  • Determine if Vested is the right sourcing business model for you.
  • Share the Vested concept with key stakeholders as you work to ensure organizational approval to move toward implementing a Vested agreement.
  • Understand the essential steps that will be necessary to create an actual Vested agreement with your partner(s).

Available Open Source and Benchmarking Tools

Vested Orientation Open Share Slides Benchmarking Self-Assessments Readiness Self-Assessment 10 Elements Self-Assessment

Get It All Here
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