Vested Centers of Excellence Coaching and Consulting

Need a helping hand with your Vested journey? The University of Tennessee has teamed with a select group of consulting firms that have become Centers of Excellence for Vested. These Centers of Excellence are available to provide guidance and direction to help your company achieve a Vested agreement.

Under the program, University of Tennessee Vested faculty members team with forward-thinking consulting firms that have been certified in helping companies architect and govern a Vested relationship. Vested coaches work much in the same way a Six Sigma or Lean Black Belt coach provides support to a team going through a Six Sigma or Lean project and can support a deal team either part-time or full-time.

Deal Coaches bring a unique blend of consulting, practitioner and general management experience to the firms they work with. A typical project will include facilitated workshops using the University of Tennessee’s official Vested materials and tools. Facilitated workshops are designed to help you complete each of the 10 essential elements of a Vested agreement.

Workshops are typically customized based on your specific project. They are scheduled according to your project, providing just-in-time “learning by doing” while the team is going through the process of building a Vested agreement.

A typical engagement includes 3-5 facilitated workshops, but can range from that based on the size and complexity of the deal. More in-depth consulting support is also available to help teams complete deliverables needed as part of their agreement (e.g., pricing model, governance structure, performance management plan).

A key component of the program is the value of the extensive tool set the Deal Coaches bring to your team. Participation in the program will give your team access to our library of proven tools, thereby eliminating the need for you to “reinvent the wheel” for your project. Deal Coaches leave behind a complete set of tools that you can use over and over for all of your deal needs, which provides a high return on investment for you.

Cost: Projects are quoted individually by each Center of Excellence. Typically, Deal Coaches are funded equally by the company and the service provider so as to provide a neutral third-party perspective that allows the Deal Coach to be an advocate for the deal versus bringing a biased opinion by working for only one party. This enables the parties to have the absolute best ability to achieve a true win-win deal—the only kind of deal worth entering into. Coaching fees vary, but typically range between $2,000-$3,000 per day.

Centers of Excellence

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