Walkabout - Getting To We Course

Getting To We CourseWalkabout Collaborative partners and Vested have joined together to provide an exclusive “Getting to We” course that shows you how to achieve a true collaborative relationship with your partners. We offer this course — a $475 value — free of charge to give you the training and reinforcement you need to understand how behavior, temperament and personality impact collaboration in your business relationships. It is our goal that every Walkabout Collaborative engagement uses the “Getting to We” approach.

The Getting to We online course is designed to provide you with a simple-to-follow, 5-step process and the tools you need to create mutual, long-lasting, successful business relationships in today’s dynamic business world. The course consists of 7 self-paced, video-based modules that will help you establish a “What’s-In-It-For-We” (WIIFWe) mindset and lay the foundation for highly collaborative relationships with your business partners.

What’s In It For You?
The Getting to We online course will help you:

  • Understand why most business deals have been all about “getting to yes” — getting the deal signed and completed, with no thoughts for how to maintain the relationship in the future — and why this is counterproductive. “Getting to We” helps both parties in a business relationship establish a solid foundation of trust and shared vision that will help their relationship endure, evolve and thrive — long after the contract is signed.
  • Learn an easy 5-step process for laying the foundation for highly collaborative relationships.
  • Access a Toolkit that will help you complete key deliverables for each step that will become the foundation for your relationship.



  • Toolkit – Worksheets and templates to help you create deliverables that will become the foundation for your collaborative relationship.
  • Lecture Topics – An overview of key concepts you will need to apply when creating your WWIFWe Agreement.
  • Case Studies – Examples of how organizations have applied the “Getting to We” mindset in action.
  • Applied Learning Instructions – To be used in conjunction with the Toolkit



The answer is, “it depends.” The length of time it takes to complete this course depends largely on the parties involved. We recommend one of 3 options that will take between 7 and 9 weeks:

  • Option 1 recommends stakeholders take each online module and then meet to complete the deliverables weekly, fully completing one module each week.
  • Option 2 recommends stakeholders complete one online module per week for seven weeks, then hold a workshop to complete all deliverables in week eight.
  • Option 3 recommends a hybrid approach: stakeholders complete some modules, then meet to complete the deliverables. They then take the remaining modules and meet again to complete the remaining deliverables.


Register by clicking on the “Register Here” button to get started. You will receive an email with instant access and instructions for using the course. Once you start the course, you can complete the modules at your own pace and go back as much as needed to review previous modules.


This is NOT a live, in-person presentation, so you can get started immediately. You can complete this material from anywhere with an Internet connection at your own pace. The Toolkit, lectures, case studies and other materials in this course will always be available whenever you need them.


Register for Getting To WeReady to get started? Click here to register and get access to learn how to establish a WIIFWe mindset and lay the foundation for highly collaborative relationships with your business partners.