What Is Vested?

“It’s just business. Nothing personal, but I have to focus on what’s in it for me.”

This outdated attitude is the basis for the game most business relationships are built on–a zero sum game where one party wins at the expense of the other.  Yet in today’s rapidly evolving world, this mindset leads to rigid, “us vs. them” relationships that can’t withstand a landscape that demands constant change and adaptation. What businesses need to survive–and thrive–now are Vested® relationships.

Imagine if, instead of the relentless pursuit of “winning” at all costs, the focus was on building an anticipatory vision, accelerating innovation and increasing competitive advantage? What if your business relationships didn’t have to be “win-lose,” but could truly be “win-win”?  

Business giants like P&G, McDonald’s and Microsoft are embracing this unconventional “What’s In It for We” approach, and the results are exciting: new levels of opportunity and innovation, uncontested market share, efficiency and untethered problem solving–for everyone involved.

P&G’s groundbreaking relationship with Jones Lang LaSalle earned JLL the “Supplier of the Year” title out of 80,000 suppliers two years in a row.  McDonald’s suppliers invest millions of dollars of their own money and time, giving McDonald’s a significant competitive advantage and driving innovation.  Microsoft’s award-winning partnership with Accenture resulted in eleven transformational projects generating over $30 million dollars in value for Microsoft in the first two years alone.  

These companies have recognized the power in building business relationships that create value rather than simply exchanging value, as in conventional transaction-based agreements.

They’ve recognized the power of being Vested.

What Is Vested?

  • A hybrid business model, methodology, mindset and movement based on research conducted by the University of Tennessee Center for Executive Education and funded by the U.S. Air Force.  What started out as a simple research project aimed at finding a better way to outsource evolved into a groundbreaking and award-winning methodology and business model we coined as “Vested.”
  • Proof of John Nash’s Nobel Prize-winning equilibrium theory that cooperation, not competition, guarantees the best results for all parties.
  • A challenge to redefine what it means to “win” in today’s evolving business landscape.  As the world marches towards reinvention, Vested relationships aren’t just the best way to achieve business success; they’re the only way to work together to create success for a future we can no longer envision, let alone prepare for.

The static, last-century way of doing business no longer fits the world we’re living in–a world that is rapidly evolving and demands that we evolve with it.

Now, there is a Vested way to do business and build relationships that creates value for your company, your partner companies and the world.