2-day Collaborative Contracting Course

Yesterday’s negotiation skills won’t work for tomorrow’s deals. Drawing from leading contracting experts and cutting-edge economic theories, you’ll leave this 2-day course inspired and motivated to take your contracting skills to the next level.

You’ll learn to apply proven techniques in order to . . .

  • Understand why, what, and when of a relational contract
  • Learn a simple 5-step collaborative contracting process for negotiating the foundation of the relationship prior to negotiating any deal points – essential for creating the environment for non-adversarial negotiations.
  •  Turn common controversial contract clauses into clauses that create a more fair and balanced win-win spirit
  • Apply sound skills and techniques you can use in future collaborative contracting situations
  • Understand the  Structure of a Relational Contract 

The Collaborative Contracting Course is a 2-day class that is offered as both an open enrollment class and a private class delivered on-site to teams needing to sharpen their collaborative contracting skills.


 2018  Schedule

Knoxville Tennessee  

  • November  8 – 9,   2018
  • May 2 -3,   2019

Tuition: $2,000 or $1,000 for repeat participants. Group Pricing is available with 10% discount for a group of 3-4 and 15% discount for a group of 5 or more. Tuition includes meals and lodging.

Please contact Mike Watts for availability and registration assistance


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