Kudos to Srini Krishna, a Unique Outsourcing Expert!

The posts on this blog are always fun to do and, I hope, informative and instructive. Occasionally I have the pleasure and honor to report on real-life achievements in the world of Vested Outsourcing, and this is one of those times.

Srini Krishna, Director, Finance Operations, Global Vendor Management, Microsoft Finance, recently received the Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Award for his personal contributions to the outsourcing industry.

Srini is my friend and colleague and an expert in our field. He was instrumental in crafting Microsoft’s highly successful OneFinance outsourcing deal with Accenture using the Vested model. He manages the OneFinance outsourcing business model and relationship with Accenture and is also the co-author of the Microsoft OneFinance Case Study that details exactly how Microsoft developed its Vested arrangement with Accenture.

“What became a core driver for the team was to create an outsourcing model aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of executing Microsoft’s financial processes” says Srini.

Microsoft uses the Vested Outsourcing framework for its back office procure-to-pay business process outsourcing (BPO) agreement with Accenture. The Microsoft/Accenture team has come away with the “Triple Crown” in the world of outsourcing, receiving the industry’s top awards from the Outsourcing Center, the Shared Services Outsourcing Network and the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals.

And that was before Srini received his personal achievement award from SSON! So add a fourth laurel to the list.

SSON’s annual Shared Services Excellence Awards honor, recognize and promote both captive and outsourced shared services that demonstrate winning practices and tangible results.

These Awards form the industry’s benchmark in terms of best practice and business excellence. They are open to all captive and outsourced shared services organizations, and are judged by a panel of leading industry experts.

The personal contribution award “could not have been given to a better man,” says Henric Häggquist, OneFinance’s Senior Director. “I have worked with Srini for some six years now and I haven’t met a person that knows more about outsourcing.”

I totally agree with Henric’s assessment and I’m so pleased to congratulate Srini for his great achievement and for his tremendous contributions to the Vested concept.

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