Inside Supply Management Weekly — 14 January 2019

Focusing on Shared Vision and Statement of Intent The first of a series of articles on the Vested Five Rules and the 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek published 14 January in Inside Supply Management Weekly. Here is the link:

ISM Weekly — 26 November 2018

Implementing a Successful Supplier Sourcing Contract Article by Kate Vitasek published  by Inside Supply Management Weekly on 26 November 2018. Some sourcing business deals are simple to negotiate, especially when they are basic transactional deals, such as for office supplies. Other more strategic sourcing contracts might go through difficult and lengthy RFP processes… Here is […]

How “Mature” is Your Outsourcing Plan?

I’m a fan of “maturity” assessments because they help organizations plot where they are relative to a set of criteria and other organization. While it might be frustrating that there is not “one” maturity model out there, I am ok with that as long as the goal of an organization is to improve by taking […]

Controlling our Decisions

Most of us probably think we are honest and in control of our own decisions—but not so fast!—Dan Ariely, Duke University professor of psychology and behavioral economics, offers another and quite provocative view. I’ve been a long-time fan of Ariely since reading his book Predictably Irrational. And his talks on TED have been viewed about three […]

RVCF Link – September 2013

Five and Ten: Five Rules and Ten Steps for a Successful Supplier Contract Article on the Five Rules and 10 Elements by Kate Vitasek and Joe Tillman. Alignment, communication and collaboration are crucial for an effective buyer-supplier retail value chain. That’s easy to say, not necessarily easy to accomplish… Here’s the link:    

Global Delivery Report — September, 2012

10 Essentials of a Vested Outsourcing Agreement By Kate Vitasek This article in Global Delivery Report notes, “If you are increasingly wary of outsource ‘partners’ who seem to put the fun in dysfunction on a regular basis—but not in a good way—it’s probably time for a change.”

Contract Management – July 2012

In the July issue of Contract Management magazine: Vested Outsourcing: The Path to a Long-Term, Win-Win Contract By developing outsource agreements that include 10 specific elements, firms learn by doing, employ their best talents and resources to the tasks at hand, and transition their thinking from the adversarial to the truly collaborative.  By: Kate Vitasek […]

Shared Services & Outsourcing Network, June 2012

The  SSON article was posted on June 12: Vested Outsourcing: From Transaction to Transformation Vested Outsourcing Part 4: Contracting for Success   A common mistake in outsourcing is to cling to traditional, transaction-based contracting models. A more flexible framework is needed…  

Post on Procurement Leaders

Here’s the link to my latest Thought Leaders post : Vested outsourcing element #5 – Performance measurement

Vested Implements Collaboration

I often comment about how outsource and supply chain companies talk the talk about “alignment,” “partnership,” “win-win,” “visibility” and “collaboration,” but often will fail to walk the walk on those terms once priorities or personnel shift, or the going gets tough. The Vested model requires true collaboration as the starting point for achieving all of […]