BPO/HorsesforSources Resource Center — September/October 2012

The New Economics of Outsourcing (Vested Outsourcing) Posted by HfS Research, the article begins: While it’s often said there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s also a truism that what’s old often becomes new. Much of the evolution of modern outsourcing can be tied to the study of economics. Here’s the link to the rest […]

Horses For Sources BPO Resource Center – July, 2012

Slanting the Playing Field: Unlocking Outsourcing Value (Vested Outsourcing) It was in 2005 when Thomas Friedman introduced us to a “level playing field” in his bestselling book, “The World is Flat.” Of course, the IT outsourcing space was already in the midst of creating a leveling of the playing field by the time Friedman’s book […]

Collaborate – and Innovate – or Else!

Collaboration and innovation are essential pillars of Vested Outsourcing; they are more than just lip service and group hugs, however. Collaboration  requires attitudes, strategies and structures that encourage and reward effective innovation. By the same token innovation requires a high degree of innovative collaboration. Some recent posts from the Horses for Sources blog/website underscore this […]