Constructrr Podcast — December 2017

Maximize Innovation Through the Vested Way Constructrr podcast with Kate Vitasek by Brittanie Campbell-Turner on 12 December 2017. Here is the link:

Kayrell Connections Podcast — November 2017

Ep. 63: Vested Business Model for Highly Collaborative Relationships in FM The Facility Management Innovator podcast with Kate Vitasek on 14 November 2017. Here’s the link:    

Intersections with NewEDI — September 2014

Kate Vitasek, Vested Author & University Tennessee Faculty, joins Intersections with NewEDI pocast (episode 2) NewEDI was honored and excited to have Kate Vitasek, University of Tennessee faculty, supply chain consultant and author, join our Intersections with NewEDI podcast series… Here’s the link: