Inbound Logistics — August 2012

Great Partnerships: 3PLs and Shippers By Merrill Douglas

Alignment Gives You a Head Start to Vested

Alignment is key in Vested Outsourcing.  Companies like Jaguar and Unipart showed the importance of properly aligning when they created a shared vision more than a decade ago: it catapulted them to the top of the JD Powers charts. And when I read through an excellent eyefortransport report on outsourcing logistics strategy I am reminded […]

No Fun in this Dysfunction

We talk a lot about the need for businesses to change me-first, win-at-all-cost mindsets to that of new vested, cooperative relationships that over the long-term result in mutual benefits. In the world of transportation logistics, supply chains and shipper-carrier relationships it’s a long-running story of irrational and often toxic rate and service level relationships. Carriers […]