Supply Chain Brain — 2019 Resource Guide — Two articles: Metrics and End-to-End Cooperation

Aligning Metrics for the Business at Hand The Volatile Global Economy Demands End-to-End Cooperation Articles by Kate Vitasek in  Supply Chain Brain’s 2019 Supply Chain Management Resource Guide (link:  

SupplyChainBrain — 2018 Resource Guide — Vested articles

Go for ‘Best Fit’ – Not ‘Best Practice’ — Metrics Avoid Strategic Drift in Your 3PL Relationship with a Sound Governance Structure The articles by Kate Vitasek and Karl Manrodt were published in SCB’s  2018 Resource Guide.  

Supply Chain Brain — 2017 Resource Guide

2017 Supply Chain Management Resource Guide Supply Brain Brain’s annual resource guide published 27 Feb. 2017. Here the link to the digital edition: Other links to articles by Kate Vitasek, Karl Manrodt and Joe Tillman: Kate’s article on SBM — Kate’s article on education — Karl’s story on education (with Donnie Williams) — […]

Transform SRM into Strategic Relationship Management

In SupplyChainBrain’s 2015 Resource Guide, one of my articles notes that the movement to implement real and lasting collaboration is alive and well in supplier relationship management (SRM). The key point is, how can SRM be truly effective without collaboration that includes processes for transparency and continuous communication, and where suppliers are full partners in managing […]

SupplyChainBrain Resource Guide — Jan/Feb 2015

SupplyChainBrain 2015 Supply Chain Management Resource Guide Includes articles by Kate Vitasek and Karl B. Manrodt at pages 46, 74, 77, 86 and 92. Here’s the link to the entire 116-page issue:

Supply Chain Brain — June 2014

Why Suppliers and Buyers Need a New Approach to Pricing By: Robert J. Bowman, SupplyChainBrain June 20, 2014 Podcast/interview with Kate Vitasek Here’s the link:

Supply Chain Brain – February 2014

Get Supplier Relationships Right, Then Maintain Them Article by Kate Vitasek, published on Feb 25, 2014 Analyst Insight: If the wheels on your vehicle are out of alignment, you’re in for a rough and inefficient ride. The same holds true for businesses. Alignment, especially in strategic relationships, gets businesses beyond the initial “yes” that sets […]

Supply Chain Brain — January 2014

Laying the Foundation for 3PL Relationships Supply Chain Brain Executive Briefing from the CSCMP Annual Conference, Denver 2013 In a video interview with  Jean Murphy, editor emeritus of SupplyChainBrain, Sean Coakley, Senior VP, Kenco Logistics Services, talks about the importance of Vested for establishing long-term collaborative business relationships. Here’s the link (free registration required):  

Supply Chain Brain — December 2013

Dell, GENCO Take the Plunge Into Vested Outsourcing Article by Robert J. Bowman published on December 20, 2013 Trust and a sharing of risk and reward are the hallmarks of an outsourcing agreement that took the two companies beyond the concept of “price per activity,” to one that strives for mutual profitability and enhanced customer […]