Vested Outsourcing a Big Part of Mega Tech Success in 2010

I certainly didn’t expect to do a follow-up post on Mega Tech of Oregon’s great Vested story quite so quickly, but sometimes these things just fall in your lap, or maybe the stars are really aligned this month.

Anyway, you may recall a post I wrote earlier this month about how Vested Outsourcing is not just for the big companies—it works just as well, or even better, for small outfits. In the post I cited Mega Tech of Oregon, the small outsourced manufacturing firm that is investing in the Vested model. Mega Tech, based in Corvallis, OR, provides fully integrated, contract engineering, production, manufacturing and support services in a variety of industries, including high-tech, consumer products and telecommunications.

About one week later a PR Newswire release out of Corvallis appeared on my computer monitor, with the headline, “Mega Tech of Oregon Doubles its Contract Manufacturing Business in 2010.”

In the release, MTO President Scott R. Schroeder said, “Our investments in new business development in 2010 started to pay off, and we’ve positioned MTO to be in a stronger position to take on new clients in prototype and pilot production runs for companies launching new products.” He attributed Mega Tech’s growth to several factors, including an increase in manufacturing projects from clients; investments in new sales and marketing  programs—resulting in an 18 percent increase in MTO’s client base; and how the diversity of that client base helps to balance business cycles and workloads.

All quite normal and what one might expect a company executive to say about a good year, especially a year coming off of a recession. But then Scott cited a fourth major factor for his company’s success in 2010 that was both surprising and heartwarming: MTO’s adoption last year of Vested Outsourcing!

Mind you, I’m not surprised that the Vested approach contributed to the MTO success story, but it was a surprise that he mentioned it so prominently.

He said that based on research conducted jointly by the University of Tennessee and the United States Air Force, “Vested Outsourcing outlines five key rules for a successful outsourcing agreement, setting the stage for more productive and mutually profitable outsourcing relationships between companies and their contractors.”

Honest, his plug for Vested Outsourcing and the Five Rules came without any prompting from me!

It proves that once you “get it,” once you understand the value that comes from collaboration and working together on mutually beneficial outcomes to achieve the long-term win-win, success will surely follow.

It also proves that Vested Outsourcing is the game- and mindset-changer that can help any company, large or small, prosper.

So thanks Scott for ranking Vested Outsourcing so high among your company’s success factors and for giving it such prominent mention!

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