Vested Outsourcing: Five Rules That Will Transform Outsourcing

Vested Outsourcing: Second Editiion

Vested Outsourcing is the book that will change all outsourcing relationships!

Discover five rules that will transform your business by igniting innovation, improving service, lowering costs and increasing profits.

With change being the ultimate status quo in today’s business world, new smart, lean and more efficient methods for increasing a company’s market share and top line have been created. The adoption of their methods and practices will be the differentiator between growth or failure in this new business environment.

Find out how ground-breaking research performed at the University of Tennessee with the United States Air Force has resulted in a robust methodology to outsourcing that is currently being piloted by Fortune 100 companies, including Microsoft and Intel.

Through this research, supply-chain innovator and lead researcher, Kate Vitasek has identified the top 10 critical (and often invisible) flaws inherent in almost all outsourced business relationships. She then shows organizations how to reinvent their outsourcing relationships to ignite innovation, improve service, lower costs and increase profit.

Find out if you have one of these ticking time bombs in your company.

What People Are Saying

“In the outsourcing world, a genuinely new concept comes along only once every 10 years or so. I believe Vested Outsourcing is one of them.”
-Cliff Lynch –author of Logistics Outsourcing: A Management Guide

“Vested Outsourcing is new business model that will transform outsourcing procedures the way business management strategies Lean and Six Sigma transformed manufacturing.”
-Elizabeth Kanna – author and creator of several market-defining books

“Vested Outsourcing is a game-changing approach that will quickly become the new gold standard for advanced outsourcing relationships. It is a critical enabler for Outsourcing 2.0.”
-Frank Casale – CEO, Outsourcing Institute

“Applying Vested Outsourcing’s Five Rules has the power to change the game of outsourcing.”
-Tim McBride Chief Procurement Officer, Microsoft